Real Estate/Property Managers


Do you have clients that are currently utilizing your services to invest in commercial real estate?
Do you know someone who owns real estate?
Perhaps you manage a property and/or play an intricate role operating a commercial property.

Yes, take me to the 1 minute interview

Are you short changing yourself?!?

In todays day and age, most businesses heavily rely on technology to drive their course. Telecommunications such as Internet, phones, and TV are not a luxury, they are a necessity!

GlobalTech Communications will provide a FREE analysis of your existing technology and structure an environment to suit the needs of both the building owner and the tenants. This along with our ability to develop a Software Defined Network, creates an incredibly efficient structure to meet all your high-tech needs.

We don’t compete with the competition, we undercut our competition and crush them! We save so much money that … …
instead of paying for service… …


No kidding!!! By simply referring a potential client we will pay you according to the building size and services requested. Once we finalize an agreement, you get your impressive check!!!! $$$$$$
Not only will we make you a hero with the building owner and tenants, but you get a payday!!!!

Your check may be as much as $4000-5000 dollars. Talk to us for more information!